Great Achievements in Space Exploration - Details Page

The collection consists of 12 folders that are each 8 ½ x 11-inches long and open to a spread of 17 x 11-inches wide.  Each folder is three-hole punched for insertion in the Great Achievements in Space Exploration binder. You will receive the Great Achievements in Space binder in the fourth month of your collection.

There are 141 officially issued postage stamps from 13 countries in this collection. The current face value of these stamps in these countries is an estimated total of $275.57 (depending on currency conversion rates). These stamps are not US postage and are only valid for postage within their countries of origin.

Below you can view an image of each cover that displays the subject matter for each of the 12 units in this stamp collection.

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U-3 U-4
U-5 U-6
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U-11 U-12
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