About Us

Our Mission:

It's simple, we at Philatelic Mint, Inc. (P Mint) aim to provide the most interesting and valuable Collections of stamps to our customers possible, as well as the best service.  We take great pride in our company, our commitment to our customers through the Collections we market, and in our service to our customers.  

Where We Are:

We are based in Sag Harbor, NY (about 2 hours from NYC). Our office is typically open and staffed from 9:00-6:00pm EST. We do not have a "traditional" storefront so it is a little hard for someone to "drop in" on us, but any serious Collector, Subscriber or dealer is invited to make an appointment for a visit. As a stamp dealer, we're always interested in your thoughts or comments on our stamp collections, website or services in general.

Drop us an email (info@pmintstamps.com) or use the contact us tab on our website.

Who We Are:

P Mint focuses on new issues of Postage Stamps with iconic themes, collecting those new issue stamps into art and narrative-filled Continuity Collections and marketing those Continuity Collections to collectors and subscribers around the world. The Collections will be based on stamps that will be created in conjunction with upwards of 100 governments.   

We work with our stamp business colleagues around the world to put together these theme based collections.  Continuity Collections of general interest will be based on themes that resonate highly with subscribers, like Space, Animals, Dinosaurs and Fossils, Oceans, World Heritage Sites and others. The universe of Collections is boundless, as they can cover topics and themes of every area of interest, and we welcome your suggestions.  

We are also a stamp company that is dedicated to DOING GOOD,  as a big part of our MISSION is to highlight themes through our stamp collections that serve the needs of our earth and its peoples.  And through such Cause Related collections of stamps, we can help educate about philanthropy, as well as actually give back, including paying part of our proceeds over to causes that we include in future themes.  Those collections will be announced with more information about the monetary contributions to those highlighted causes.

We seek to help create a new generation of stamp collectors, with content that will resonate with our Subscribers and bridges the gap between the traditional art and commerce world of Postage Stamps and the digital world.  Our Collections tell stories that can be enjoyed together and shared over time.

Our founding Lazar family has been involved in every aspect of the stamp business for four generations starting with Fatoullah and Lazar, Andre for the Unusual, The Halley's Comet Stamp Collection, The 32nd America's Cup Stamp Collection as well as active in the stamp production side of the industry. 

Our family and associates are long time members of the American Stamp Dealers Association (ASDA), the International Federation of Stamp Dealers Associations (IFSDA), the American Philatelic Society (APS) and numerous other societies. 

You may be assured of professional and ethical dealings.

We welcome you to the world of the theme based stamp Collections of P Mint!